Banana Hunting

So, this week has been filled with a lot of work and not a lot of sleep. I had a 4 page paper due Monday, a 2 page paper due Wednesday, a presentation today, and I have a 4 page paper due tomorrow. Ugh.
This is the last week of classes, so I guess I’ll survive. Oh, by the way, if any of you saw the last post that was on here in Spanish, that was my presentation. PowerPoint was not working and it kept erasing my presentation. I had to start over three different times. At that point, I gave up on PowerPoint and decided to use something that I knew would work, my own blog. I ended up just typing in my blog URL and presenting it directly from there. So, if you saw that post, that’s what that was.

This week has kind of been a hot mess, so this post is going to be one too. Lo siento. 

To kick off the anecdotes, we’ll start with the temblor.

 Sunday night, when I was up until all hours of the night writing that God awful paper, we had another temblor (mini earthquake)! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my house that felt it, because no one said anything. I think the temblors are exciting, because that’s not a thing that happens in Ohio. The Chileans, on the other hand, don’t even notice them anymore and think it’s funny that I find them so exciting.

*Smooth transition*

Then on Monday, I passed the metro singer guy that was obsessed with me, on the sidewalk. So, that was weird. Enough said.

Later that day I went with Erin and Annie to eat cupcakes. In order to get to the cupcake place, we had to take a terrifying micro (bus). First of all, the micro that we rode looked like it was about to fall apart. The seat that I got was super broken and I almost fell through it. Secondly, the roads are hilly with lots of turns and they drive a thousand miles an hour, so I was fully convinced “death by micro” was being carved into my tombstone at that point, but we made it out alive. And here was our prize:

*Even later that day*

This one requires some background info, so here it is:

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was always locked out of the house? Well, when I was locked out, there was a dog on my street that would come and sit with me. This dog came and hung out with me every time I was locked out. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the neighbor’s dogs because it wears a sweater sometimes and I heard them calling the dog Myra. 

*Back to reality*

I was walking home on Monday and Myra found me again. She walked in front of me and kept looking back to make sure I was still there and then she waited at my gate for me. This dog knows who I am and where I live…

I pet her a little bit and then went to open the gate, but hesitated because the dog was ready to run right in. It was too late and Myra ran right in my gate and was running around like crazy in my yard and around the house. I knew my host mom would not be happy with this dog running around, so I had to get the dog out without her noticing. 

Myra did NOT want to leave. She would run around me in a circle and then lay down. This is not a small dog either, so I couldn’t just grab it. It also wasn’t wearing a collar, so I couldn’t grab that either. I ended up picking up this 50 pound dog and hauling her out the gate by myself. 

Our next door neighbor always seems to walk by when I’m doing something dumb, like when I was locked out, so thank God she didn’t see me wrangling this dog (as far as I know). I would love to hear her tell stories about the idiot gringa that lives next door. I bet those are funny stories.

*Bonus weird thing*

For some strange reason, the bananas in my house are always hidden in random places. We have a fruit bowl, but the bananas are never in that obvious of a location. The other morning I opened every cabinet in the kitchen looking for the stupid bananas and you know where I found them? In a pot, in the cabinet under the sink. Why they were there is beyond me. Since then, I have found them in four different places and they are never in the same place two days in a row, so everyday is a banana hunt.



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