For my second day at the institute, I was in upper level English classes all day. I spent my morning in a class with a teacher named Elizabeth. Elizabeth is from California, but her husband is Chilean. She’s lived in Chile for the past three years and has taught English at a couple different places here.

It was just me, Elizabeth, and one student in the class that day. The lesson in the book was talking about laws that Chile has compared to laws that the States have. We got sidetracked quite a bit and ended up drawing pictures of different types of trucks on the board to show the student what the difference between a delivery truck, a pickup truck, and a semi truck was.

We also taught the student the word “tongs.” You know, like what you use to pick food up with? But, she thought we said “thongs.” She gave us a weird look and said, “isn’t that underwear?” We cracked up. There is indeed a difference between thongs and tongs. The things you learn in English class…

After class, the secretary of the institute came rushing into the room in a panic. There was an English conversation session planned for that time, but the teacher that was supposed to lead it couldn’t make it. I’m good at making things up as I go along, so I told her I had it covered.

There were 4 students in my impromptu conversation session. All of their English was very good, plus they could understand my English just fine, so they’re golden. I just asked some questions to start some conversations and that was that. We all talked as a group and we had no problem talking for the whole hour.

After that session was my time gap, so I was going to go to a cafe for awhile. I ended up walking with Barbara and Sebastian, some of the students from my session, for awhile. We walked Barbara to the bus stop and Sebastian walked me to the coffee shop. They really like practicing their English with a native. They are also close to my age, so we have a lot in common. The leaders of my program told me specifically to keep my distance from my students because I need to maintain some sort of authority because I’m their teacher, but I’m already failing at that…Honestly, I’m not too worried about it either. So I made some friends, sue me.

*Side note*

The coffee shop I ended up at was the cutest coffee shop ever:

My evening class time was split between two classes. These classes weren’t really anything out of the ordinary, but the second teacher was a bit of an eccentric.

She is just full of energy. She went through her lessons and walked me through how to use all the teaching materials that they are given. That was super helpful and she also told me that I should get CELTA certified to teach English. She was very very eager to help me out, which I appreciated.

After class was over at 9:30, we ended up going for a drink. She then proceeded to tell me her entire life story while drinking a pisco sour. So, fun fact, she wanted to be a musician, but that didn’t exactly work out. Now, she teaches English and only sings karaoke. Sure enough, she sang some karaoke that night. She was up there just belting it out. At that point, I thought to myself, “How did I get to this point?” Like, how weird can this night get??

We ended up leaving pretty early because I was trying to catch the metro and she had to meet someone. However, I ended up missing the metro anyway, so I was forced to take a horrific micro back home. (Thank God my students showed me where the bus stop was the night before.) Like always, the micro driver drove a thousand miles an hour and I almost died many times, but I lived to tell the tale. What a strange evening…



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