How Far Away is Chile Anyway??

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Stars, Stripes, and little bit of Swing

The 4th of July has come and gone. You'd think that, in Chile, absolutely no one would care about the 4th because it's not their country. Right? Well, I still got a party for the 4th. Get a load of this. So, I walked into the institute in the morning like it was just another... Continue Reading →

Speaking Spinese

I'm still catching up on these blogs. Don't judge me. So last week has come and gone, so this post is going to be a quick overview it featuring the highlights. Vamos, chicos. As you know, I hang out in Valpo all day and don't get home until late. So, the other day I walked... Continue Reading →

Noah, It’s Time to Build the Ark.

I know I haven't blogged in awhile... I'm building the suspense...Yeah, that's it... Ok, so let's start with last weekend. On Saturday morning, I had morning classes at the institute. Saturday morning classes are for little kids and high schoolers. My firat class was with kids (around 12 years old) and the second one was... Continue Reading →

The Sludge

It's been a good first week at the institute. I expected to hate the schedule, but it actually works out really well. I get a huge time gap in the middle of the day to go explore (and try as many coffee shops as I can). Plus, I get Friday afternoon off as well. So,... Continue Reading →

If You Like Books, I Like You.

My classes at PUCV have come to a close, so the second half of my program begins. The second half of my program is service learning. So, I'll be helping in classes at an English language institute from here on out. On Monday we had orientation for our different service learning locations. The institute I... Continue Reading →

Banana Hunting

So, this week has been filled with a lot of work and not a lot of sleep. I had a 4 page paper due Monday, a 2 page paper due Wednesday, a presentation today, and I have a 4 page paper due tomorrow. Ugh. This is the last week of classes, so I guess I'll... Continue Reading →

Pigeon Attacks and Other Headlines

Saturday was a day of wondering through Valpo with my favorite gringas. We started with the goal of finding this breakfast place on Cerro Alegre, but the place no longer exists...So, we pressed on and ended up in a hipstery little restaurant for lunch. We got patio seats and the food was great. Since we... Continue Reading →

Speaking Spanglish

Thursday, I went on an aventura chilena with my amigo chileno, Jorge. I had met Jorge at the language exchange activity that the university had a couple weeks ago. He wanted to Skype to get some English conversation practice, but Skype hates me and it wouldn't work, so I suggested just meeting up.  So, we... Continue Reading →

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